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SUBJECT:            Endorsement of Non-Slip 21 treatment for slippery floors



The mission of Ceramic Tile Institute of America, Inc. is to promote appropriate and expanded use of ceramic tile and natural stone through education. It is our intention to continue to be recognized as a source of objective, valuable and contemporary tile information.


As you know, many types of flooring including some ceramic tiles are slippery when wet or contaminated with various lubricants such as spillage, airborne cooking fats, etc. This is a major problem for many property owners, building managers, and architects.


For many years, treatments have been available that can increase the slip resistance of some flooring under these conditions. However, most such treatments eat into the surface of the flooring so that it becomes scarred with microscopic pits. The initial improvement in slip resistance deteriorates with normal soiling by dirt, grease and mineral deposits. The flooring becomes difficult to clean, and the treatment must be repeated, which leads to further weakening of the floor materials. The appearance of the flooring usually suffers markedly, either initially or as time progresses.


The science staff of a major Canadian university conducted a confidential investigation of floor slip resistance treatments for glazed and unglazed tiles, terrazzo, terracotta, marble, and concrete. The only product that did not have detrimental effects on the surfaces tested was Non-Slip 21, now distributed by
Safety Direct America. The Ceramic Tile Institute of America endorses the use of Non-Slip 21.